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BAM !!! Here comes the CZAR FEST 2018 poster !!! Thank you Philipp Thöni at BLACKYARD one more time for this brilliant design !!!



Friday May 11th

Total Annihilation
Rock Art Opening: SULPHURA

Saturday May 12th

Reverend Beat-Man And The New Wave
Rock Art Opening: The Leaving

Rock Art Exhibition:
Drowned Orange
Marcel Szerdahelyi
The Universe Is Not Enough
Trouble & Comfort

Venue: Kaserne Basel
Doors: 18:30




BIIIIG news today. The mighty Abraham are confirmed for Czar Fest 2018. On May 11th they will release their brandnew album “Look Here Comes The Dark!” through Pelagic Records, plus on the exact same day the will destroy the Czar Fest stage with their pent-up darkness, as the wait for the new album took way too long. We feel truly honored to welcome our beardy friends.

More exciting news still to come.


The angriest band in town is confirmed for Czar Fest 2018 and it looks like they are going to play some of their brandnew material on May 11th on the Kaserne Basel *Musik* stage. Noise ON for the post punk noisers ASBEST.
More artists to be announced soon…

ASBEST Bandcamp


One more brilliant band confirmed for Czar Fest on Friday May 11th. We released their EP “Daidalos” last year with only one huge mammoth of a song featuring Loïc Rossetti from The Ocean Collective. So yea, we are talking about the progressive post metallers NevBorn. More exciting artists to be announced soon.

Neo Noire

Our next announcement is as sad as exciting and it forces me to write in the first-person perspective. To get to the point: I left NEO NOIRE. I don’t know if I ever played in any other band I laughed so much. My good friends David Burger, Franky Kalwies and Thomas Bäumli Baumgartner, I will deeply miss our great times on tour, especially the deep talks and the limitless and completely silly humor.
We decided that the Czar Fest 2018 is the right spot to play my last gig with NEO NOIRE. It would give great pleasure to us if as many friends & fans as possible would come over to this good bye show. See you there..


We are very pleased to announce that the psychedelic prog doomsters ECHOLOT are confirmed to play Czar Fest 2018 on May 12th. Last year they toured Europe extensivly to promote their new album VOLVA. Be prepared for a passionate and super trippy live experience. The band is going to play a special set together with a guest singer. More details about this to come soon. In the meantime check out VOLVA though the Stoned Meadow Of Doom Youtube channel!

Total Annihilation

New hellish announcement !! Our beloved local thrash metal berserks Total Annihilation are going to destroy the Czar Fest stage on May 11th to present their new tape and a brandnew song. Be prepared for a massive wall of palm mutes and the most angry vocals town.

Check out their live clip from “Big Fat Lying Bastards” on YouTube.

Reverend Beat Man

So here comes another super exciting announcement !!
REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE NEW WAVE are going to play one of their few release shows (New album to come soon) at the Czar Fest 2018 on May 12th.

The ex-wrestling one man band activist (Lightning Beat-Man) is nowadays preaching his music as the one and only Reverend Beat-Man. A total legend which is accompanied by the other legendary musicians Nicole Izobel García, Mario Batkovic, Julian Sartorius and Resli Burri.

This is REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE NEW WAVE. Check out our new teaser. BAM !!!

Get your ticket here: Tickets

More killer acts to be announced soon !!

First Headliner 2018 announced: Triptykon!

We feel incredibly honored to announce one of the greatest Swiss acts for the Czar Fest 2018 !

The mighty Triptykon (Official) are getting ready to destroy our stage. This is not only gonna be their first show ever in Basel, but also the first appearance of Tom G. Warrior, whose past bands Celtic Frost and Hellhammer influenced countless artists worldwide. A truly historical moment for us, we are deeply thankful to be part of this.


More artists to be announced soon. Stay tuned !

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