Exciting news – Sum Of R: Before we will announce the Rock Art Exhibitors we finally may present you our last musicial artist for the Revelations Day of the Czar Fest – April 14th 2017.

The deeply hypnotic Sum Of R who lately embellished the Czar Of Revelations roster exists since 2008 and was created by Reto Mäder (@URAL UMBO, RM74) to construct/deconstruct sound in ways that infest and cloud the interior of the mind. Sum Of R creates slow moving instrumental music with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures.

Their intense and pulsating sound is influenced by drone, post-metal, ambient, noiserock, psychedelic and cinematic post-rock. Sum Of R’s ritualistic take on expanding sound layers is deepened by the rawness of an unconventional metal atmosphere plunged into darkness, light and its reflection.

Their live performances as a duo are characterized by a cyclical process involving bass guitars, drums, effects, samples and drones to create a unique and dense whole which is more than the sum of its parts.

Reto Mäder: Guitar, drones, effects
Fabio Costa (Khaldera): Drums, percussion, effects

To read and hear more from Sum Of R visit them on the web: