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The Universe By Ear

We’re excited to announce that Basel’s finest allstar prog-psycho rockers The Universe By Ear will play at the Czar Fest on April 14th. Their new album will be out via Czar Of Revelations on March 24th. Make sure to check them out..

Where is it written that there may only be one Big Bang? In Summer 2015, to the day 13,8 billion years after the first one, The Universe By Ear have initiated another big boom. Since then basses tear black holes into space, drums dart like unstoppable comets through zero gravity and guitars paint stripes of fire on the horizon. Three bold and daring musicians fom Basel/Switzerland have gartered for this mission, to lead rock to places no one has ever set foot before: a complex, colourful, suprising, hard and melodic landscape in a cosmos, in which improvised freefall and structured form coexist peacefully.

new video:

New Band: Palmer

Switzerland’s finest Jazz influenced Psychedelic Post-Metal monster called Palmer will play Czar Fest on April 15th to play new songs from their upcoming brilliant album “Surrounding The Void” which is gonna be released on February 24th via Czar Of Bullets.

New Band: When Icarus Falls

Excellent news ! The mighty When Icarus Falls from Lausanne will play at the Czar Fest 2017. We are welcoming them in our roster. Their new album is going to be released via Czar Of Bullets in April 2017.

New Band: Khaldera

The next act we may announce is the instrumental combo Khaldera. An immense talented young band which came pretty much out of the blue. We released their latest EP Alteration last August, since then they play regularly shows and their fanbase is growing.

What the Progressive Music Planet said about Khaldera’s Alteration:

“The production on “Alteration” is as massive as the riffs. Everything is executed well. The one down side? I wanted more than this!! “Alteration” is a helluva introduction to a very good band. Now I want more Khaldera and you will too after listening to this EP!” 9 out of 10 points.


We are proud to announce our next act. A cult band, one of our most important local heroes – the thrash/groove metal machine GURD!


Wolf Counsel

Doom Metal juggernaut Wolf Counsel confirmed to play Czar Fest on April 15th 2017!

Their own interpretation of classic Doom combined with their honest, spiritual and philosphical way to express deep emotions brought them to a point of becoming a well respected new group and powerful live act in the scene. Their sophomore album „Ironclad“, released by Czar Of Bullets last September, was highly praised in the European press.

Doom Metal Front Zine (DE) : „Serves seven slow, pleasantly rolling riff oriented tracks, pierced with top quality blues-laden sharp guitar solos and that nasal, bit throaty Ozzy-style vocals – very English these Swiss and hymnal, too.“

Outlaws Of The Sun (UK) : „Ironclad is the sound of Wolf Counsel reaching their potential very early in their career and it is clear from this album and its songs that they can only go even further up from here.“

DEAF FOREVER (DE) : „„Die Zürcher um die REQUIEM-Rhythmusabteilung Ralf Winzer Garcia und Reto Crola begeistern mit mächtig walzenden Riffs, sattem Groove und feierlich erhaben wirkenden Gesangslinien.“

Wolf Counsel’s earthy, authentic and downtuned sounds will bring peace to all doomed souls on the „Bullets Day“ of CZAR FEST 2017. Prepare for a sonic Hammer Of Doom!

New Band: Scratches

Ladies and gentlemen. We’re happy to announce another brilliant act for the Czar Fest 2017. Scratches will amaze you with their Dark Cinematic atmosphere and an a brilliant voice. Their new album Before Beyond will be out on January 21st (CH) / February 10th (international) via Czar Of Revelations.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the CzarFest-Team!

Bölzer to headline Czar of Bullets Day!

The mighty BÖLZER to play Czar Fest on April 15th 2017. Get your ticket now!

Zeal and Ardor: New Videoclip for “Devil Is Fine”

Check Out Zeal and Ardor’s new Videoclip! Zeal And Ardor will headline the Revelations Day at Czar Fest.

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