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We’re stoked to announce KRANE for the Czar Fest 2018 at Kaserne Basel *Musik* on May 12th. For their new album “Pleonexia” they had overwhelming reviews all over Europe, even in the US. For this opus Krane took up the topic of recurring sequences and patterns of warfare in illegal resource conflicts. These sequences were musically implemented far away from war glorification. Although they’re debut Ouroboros was already an impressive debut, the band seemed to come completely out of the nowhere. Due to the many lineup changes and a flooding of their rehearsal space it took a while until they were finally able to climb stages. All the more we are happy to have them now.

Check out Pleonexia on Spotify:

Reverend Beat Man

So here comes another super exciting announcement !!
REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE NEW WAVE are going to play one of their few release shows (New album to come soon) at the Czar Fest 2018 on May 12th.

The ex-wrestling one man band activist (Lightning Beat-Man) is nowadays preaching his music as the one and only Reverend Beat-Man. A total legend which is accompanied by the other legendary musicians Nicole Izobel García, Mario Batkovic, Julian Sartorius and Resli Burri.

This is REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE NEW WAVE. Check out our new teaser. BAM !!!

Get your ticket here: Tickets

More killer acts to be announced soon !!

First Headliner 2018 announced: Triptykon!

We feel incredibly honored to announce one of the greatest Swiss acts for the Czar Fest 2018 !

The mighty Triptykon (Official) are getting ready to destroy our stage. This is not only gonna be their first show ever in Basel, but also the first appearance of Tom G. Warrior, whose past bands Celtic Frost and Hellhammer influenced countless artists worldwide. A truly historical moment for us, we are deeply thankful to be part of this.


More artists to be announced soon. Stay tuned !

Ticket presales:

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